Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dita Von Teese

I had the extraordinary good fortune of seeing Dita Von Teese perform at the Crazy Horse in Paris on Valentine's Day this year..... a good fortune.... aaaaand it cost a small fortune too! (I'm still paying it off!)

Daniel and I left our Paris apartment near Pont Neuf in the Latin Quarter to make our way to dinner in the early evening. It was about 5 degrees celsius, but I couldn't go past red lipstick, a 50s style floral skirt, back-seam fishnets and peep-toe heels. We struggled to find a taxi so headed toward the club via the Metro.

We had booked dinner and show tickets. We had champagne, pumpkin and pancetta soup and asian fusion fish for dinner, rose water and chocolate mousse for dessert. We then made our way across the road for the show. We were seated with two other couples in this tiny booth in the packed Crazy Horse with a bottle of champagne between Daniel and I. We sat impatiently and waited for the show to begin.

There was an interesting mix of people there that night- some fetish enthusiasts, goths, vintage clad twenty somethings, lots of men yet mainly women. The Crazy Horse was everything a burlesque bar should be- red, plush, seedy, quaint. The dancers were stunningly beautiful, the staging perfect. And then Dita...

She was exquisite. She moved like a pinup. She stripped for us and yet concealed herself from us. The epitome of "teese". She did 4 numbers throughout the show and was greeted with woots and cheers from mainly the ladies in the audience.

After the show we walked across the Seine and found a taxi. In my baby French I directed him to the apartment. When we got upstairs, Daniel and I got ready for bed, hopped in and snacked on Laduree macaroons before falling asleep infront of the tv, snuggling.

What an amazing night.


  1. It sounded like an amazing night!
    The dinner, show and macaroons...perfect.

  2. Omigosh, Lauduree macaroons are the best!