Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How to apply bronzer

I've uploaded, again, these two pages from a previous Frou Frou magazine on how to apply bronzer.

I've been mentioning around the place to go lightly with bronzer and being asked how to apply it, so here are my tips.

The important thing to remember about bronzer is when used as a blush, it can make the cheeks look dirty and muddy, especially if it doesn't have a sheen to it.

Just click on the images above and you'll see the larger readable file.


  1. Hi Amy! my name's isa and i've searching you lot of time! i think you're and artist and i really like how you use make up.

  2. Great tips. I love my bronzer and couldn't imagine going without it!

  3. Hi Amy! This is mitch. I've watched all your videos in youtube. You're the very first person who taught me how to use make up. Thanks to you! ^_^