Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You don't need the Wheels to make me your Dollbaby

One of my top 5 Australian labels has to be Wheels and Dollbaby.

For my birthday a couple of years ago, Mum took me in for a little splurge. I was having a fancy dress party and was told by the fancy dress hire people that someone of "my size" could only wear a caftan or mu-mu (spelling?). I had been sick with 2 bouts of tonsilitis and gastro for a few weeks so was feeling terrible about myself. Then God shone a light on Wheels and Dollbaby...

A Wheels and Dollbaby dress instantly makes you feel sexy (it also helps that in the change rooms are a beautiful pair of Louboutin shoes to try with your dress). You stand tall in their dresses. You love your curves where other clothes have made you wish for liposuction. You feel like a WOMAN in the clothes.

These dresses are keepers.

Images via Wheels And Dollbaby


  1. Thanks for the heads up about Wheels and Dollbaby! I really like their stuff. I have "dangerous curves" and love them, and it's hard to find a nice dress that accentuates these and is at the same time flattering and makes me feel good. Have you ever heard of Daddy-O's? I just ordered a couple dresses from them as well - can't wait to see them.

  2. Lovely frocks!
    So glad to see you *back*!! :)